Patent and Trademark Prosecution

Our Trademark and Patent Prosecution practice is historically strong and closely linked to our Intellectual Property Enforcement practice

Our office acts as a patent and trademark agent for a number of foreign corporations. We obtain intellectual property rights in Croatia and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. When called to, we litigate trademark, copyright and patent infringement cases and advise on copyright issues in the entertainment and software industries. We cover multimedia law and music copyright in the entertainment field as well as design rights and geographical designations.
As a firm, we wear both hats – patent and copyright. Our in-depth knowledge of these fields naturally leads into our select advisement modules for growth (read more about Growth Oriented Strategic Services).

Range of services

  • Patent Searching
  • Patent Landscaping
  • Trademark Availability and Use Searching
  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent, Trademark, Design and other IPRs prosecution and management
  • International IPR representation and coordinating
  • IPR Appellate Boards Work