Advanced Dispute Resolution

ADR is a modern, progressive and low-cost alternative to traditional litigation

Direct communication between parties that, while temporarily in conflict, are invested in a mutually advantageous outcome yields results that are superior to those achieved through the traditional legal process — at a fraction of the cost or time.

In response to the growing demand from our clients to avoid legal hassles based on legal positioning and litigation, Vukmir has taken a prominent position among Croatian firms in the practice of Advanced Dispute Resolution (ADR). Based on principles drawn from the field of mediation, ADR offers an economical, wise and salutary alternative to the traditional legal process. Don’t let the word ‘alternative’ put you off – in terms of outcome, ADR is far more effective and advantageous than litigation in most cases. In terms of implementation, ADR is forward-looking: it seeks workable solutions rather than victory based on historical positions.

ADR avoids multi-jurisdictional nightmares and is a ‘single-stream’ solution: it keeps businesses working within the field of business rather than transforming disputes and misunderstandings into court cases. And ADR is fast, much faster than traditional law outcomes.

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