Cutting Edge Intellectual Property Law

Our broad scope and depth of knowledge offers the best protection for your investment

We understand Intellectual Property as a multi-faceted asset, and we believe this crucial property deserves a comprehensive legal strategy. Pioneering the IP sector in Croatia for 25 years, we are conversant in the most modern, electronic, technology sector concerns and issues. Bringing the depth and breadth of our experience to bear on your project, we work hard to protect your IP from misuse or disadvantageous contractual arrangements across the entire spectrum of traditional and new media and digital distribution networks.

Our experience in enforcement spans multiple industries and varieties of lawsuits related to patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Yet we look to the future of a more sophisticated and economical means of solving rights infringements and conflicts—Advanced Dispute Resolution. Our experience reveals this methodology to offer superior results in terms of time and cost in most cases.

We think the range of our experience will lead you to consider Vukmir not as a “boutique” firm (although we are lean and fast), but as an IP “megastore.”

Range of services

  • Contractual advising, negotiations and drafting
  • Licensing and franchising advising
  • Commercialization Business model selection
  • Technology commercialization advice and support
  • Entertainment and Media Law
  • Advertising
  • Domain name protection plus registration and maintenance
  • IP LAW with expertise in contractual, transactional and enforcement work
  • Trademark enforcement (criminal, civil and administrative)
  • Customs enforcement, administrative agencies enforcement, civil enforcement, criminal enforcement
  • Advanced antipiracy and anti-counterfeiting expertise from practical to all policy levels enforcement
  • gTLD and ccTLD arbitration