Ethics, Understanding and Innovation
Define Our Core Values

At Vukmir, we provide complex legal services, the quality of which is set at the highest global standards within all areas of commercial and IP law. What defines “quality” in our eyes is a combination of imperturbable ethical standards and a passion for education and growth in the fields of our expertise.

Our team is highly trained and we further our education by continuously following developments within the fields of law we practice and in the industries our clients operate. The depth of our experience is geographically extensive and we are actively expanding it following our clients’ operations.

More than simply staying current with global trends, at Vukmir we pride ourselves on a spirit of innovation. We believe laywers must be innovative and flexible in structuring deals and understanding market issues.

Out of this zeal for proactive responsiveness (rather than following the mold), we’ve developed our suite of advisement modules from the ground up, based on years of observation in the field of IP.

A large part of our flexibility comes from listening to our clients. What we have to offer only matters if we understand your unique needs; by paying attention we see more clearly how our services support your goals, whether it pertains to a simple patent dispute or long term strategy. In fact our credibility is based upon a mandate to reflect back to you the reality of the business dispute or situation you are facing. Your honest feedback in this process is most welcome.

Alternative thinking in our field has led us to the conclusion that the world of litigation is ready for a sea-change of behavior. For this reason we’ve adopted Advanced Dispute Resolution and a commitment to mutually advantageous solutions (rather than the traditional theater of war that litigation can become) as one of our core values. The world we live in is inextricably interconnected: the more we work from that perspective, the more possibility there is for mutual benefit in conflict rather than costly victory over opponents.

Finally, we are open, prompt and accessible, and that’s because we love our jobs, and enjoy sharing our passion for this work with our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility is and has always been a fundamental part of our values and an integral part of our business. In particular, this reflects in the various aspects.

We are convinced that an individual is the highest social value. VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES insists on continuing education of our staff. Therefore, we support (financially and otherwise) our employees when they decide to learn and move their education further with a goal of enabling them to achieve self-fulfillment and personal happiness through personal development.

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