VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES, LLC hosted the “International Trademark Association (INTA) Pre-Annual Meeting 2023 Reception” in Zagreb

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On Monday, March 13th 2023, VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES, LLC hosted in Zagreb the International Trademark Association (INTA) Pre-Annual Meeting 2023 Reception at the HUB385.

The topic of the address was the undergoing EU design reform namely “EU Design Reform: Building on Success” (in Croatian: “Reforma EU dizajna: Uspjeh dizajna na kvadrat”), presented succinctly by Aleksandar Bijelić, attorney at law at VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES, LLC. Particular focus was placed on the improvements in efficiency and other benefits brought on by the new reform. The joint contributions to the EU commission process by ECTA, INTA, and Marques were highlighted.

Mladen Vukmir, one of the founding partners at VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES LLC, addressed the well-attended gathering with a short introduction on INTA and its history and about the Singapore Annual meeting itself. Accordingly, Asian finger food was served to celebrate this year’s destination.

We are thankful to our Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian-Herzegovinian colleagues who attended the meeting, as well as to the numerous industry representatives and who joined for the presentation and the opportunity to talk and connect with fellow colleagues.

VUKMIR & ASSOCIATES, LLC is proud to have hosted this event and is looking forward to similar opportunities in the future!